Rehearsal Room

We provide a spacious, well equipped rehearsal room located only 7 kilometers from the city centre of Leeuwarden.


We offer

  • 4 hour time slots in the afternoon or evening
  • For those who want to rehearse on a weekly basis we offer a monthly subscription that comes with a discount
  • We offer a discount on all recording sessions to bands that rehearse at Hotwiel on a regular basis
  • Free coffee and tea at the bar


Standard Backline

  • Drums:  Pearl Studio session drumkit (no cymbals included)
  • Guitar:  2 Marshall 1960 guitar cabinets
  • Bass:     1 Ampeg bass amplifier with 1 x 15 cabinet and 4 x 10 cabinet
  • Vocals:  Electrovoice Speakers and mixconsole, Alesis FX unit, 2 microphones (stands and cable included)
  • Keyboards: Several line ins into the sound system, additional monitoring on request.
  • Additional equipment can be arranged on request.

Practice Demo

  • On appointment
  • Record your rehearsals and refine your craft
  • Use up to 8 tracks simultaneously
  • Additional equipment can be arranged on request.


Incidental slot (approx. 4 hours)                         €35
Monthly subscription                                           €25 per session, 4 sessions per month
Practice demo                                                       €50 per recording session
Call us for availability at 06 5240 7836 / 06 2242 1972
“At Hotwiel you can rehearse in a relax and comfortable setting.”